We will be on the air today with our host Evangelist, Dr. Sha'ron Westbrooks from "God's Inputs for You". The topic will be “Rejoice In The Lord"

Get the picture. Habakkuk lists all the evidence of emptiness and despair and sorrow in this world, a fig tree not blossoming, no fruit on the vines, the olive having no product, the fields yielding no food, the flock is cut off from the fold. There’s no herd in the stalls. It was just empty. Everything is empty and dry and barren in this world. That’s the picture here, and then Habakkuk says, “Yet in the middle of the dryness and the barrenness and the emptiness of everything in this world, everything we look to in this world, we long for in this world, we need in this world, even food, amidst emptiness and barrenness, yet, I will rejoice in the Lord. I will take joy in the God of my salvation.”

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