This week we are on part 5 of our series "A Wife according to God's Word". Last time we talked about what submission and what it looks like for Bible believing wives. This time we want to continue on that topic, but we'll address a common concern. Does the Word of God require a saved wife to submit to an unsaved husband? Does God expect a believing wife to submit to a husband who does not obey God's Word? 1 Peter 3:1-6 is where we will find the answer to questions of that nature.

As we learned last time, submission is a very misunderstood topic for both men and women in and outside of the church. There have been some wrong teachings that has hurt many. There are biblical guidelines we must follow so that it is truly done according to God's Will, Plan, and Purpose. We will also discuss what submission does not look like so that everything is kept in its proper perspective. We invite you to tune in to hear what we share as we dig into scripture.

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