The WAR within the Body of Christ is a 4 part series that deals with the worldviews of the world instead of the worldviews of our Lord, Jesus Christ. These worldviews are causing division within the Church that promotes outsider's insight instead of the direction of the Holy Spirit

This week is The Tares Classification System. A believer’s greatest persecution comes from others who identify themselves as believers. 

Remember that even the most faithful can be used by Satan if they are not careful. When Jesus was telling His disciples that He must suffer many things, Peter protested and denied that would happen. Jesus said to him: “Get Behind Me, Satan!” (Matthew 16:21-24).
Jesus knew that Peter wasn’t Satan, but He made it clear that Peter was being influenced by Satan

In addition to misguided believers, some people are Satan’s outright pawns who are determined to cause chaos and turmoil in the believer’s life. Jesus refers to them as tares

An investigation of Scripture reveals that sometimes aggressive, attacking people are actually not believers — even though they say they are — but in reality, are agents of Satan who have a goal of robbing you of your joy and sidetracking you in your calling.

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