This week, the spotlight is on Titanya Verdun Johnson, better known as Lady Ty the Great. 
She is an Author, Speaker, Truth Consultant and Host of Pure Truth Session on RCR Network

Her call to ministry was an unexpected one as she was groomed in the hip-hop culture. She was an entrepreneur by the age of 16 and worked in Music & Radio at WBLS 107.5 as well as the Film Industry venturing into Promotions and Productions. She was married by the age of 18, which ended violently 14 years later. She is now an advocate for Domestic Violence, Mental Illness, and Suicide Awareness

She developed a true heart for those who are forgotten, rejected, and broken. Those who endure hardship and are left with questions for God. She testifies of her real encounter with Jesus, leading the lost to Christ

Often thought to be “too holy for the hood, and too hood for the church,” this misfit became the perfect candidate and a strategic tool in the hands of God. She is used to bringing the church to the streets with her Prayer on Wheels initiative and with her free spirit, she “brings the hood to the church!” 
She is a bold threat to the traditional religious system and breaks barriers with her fearless drive! 

She penned and self-published her first book, Daddy Issues, released in August 2017. This creative can also be found in event planning, painting, designing, baking, and acting. The Holy Spirit used her to create a new line of Prophetic Gear featuring glitter glam hats, accessories, custom jean jackets, and more.

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