June 27, 2019

Encore Presentation of W.R.A.P.: Witnessing Real Authentic Politicians Made by God

On Monday, many people from afar listened to real Christians holding politicians accountable for their actions. Furthermore,  we made the claim that most of them are not looking at the best for God, Family or Country. This forum made it clear that we need to have real Christians to represent the Kingdom of God, fully!!!

Christians in America are not holding these politicians' feet to the fire when it comes to their behavior. True Christians must represent God when it comes to everything that Lord Jesus Christ fought for. 


This broadcast has been blocked by some of the techs companies that hate real Christian content from RCR Network. If you had problems connecting to listen, click on the button. 
Join us tonight for the encore of W.R.A.P.: Witnessing Real Authentic Politicians from God @ 7 PM CST, 8 PM EST & 5 PM PST on rcrnetwork.com.
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