The WAR within the Body of Christ is a 4 part series that deals with the worldviews of the world instead of the worldviews of our Lord, Jesus Christ. These worldviews are causing division within the Church that promotes outsider's insight instead of the direction of the Holy Spirit

This week is the Social Justice Gospel of Satan. With the recent rise of progressive “Christianity” in the last few years, it’s no surprise that one of the prevailing themes is social justice. Many denominations have been caught up in the movement forever. But social justice is not the Gospel, and saying that it is is heresy
It’s really disheartening to say that so many otherwise sound Bible teachers have been led astray, and are leading astray so many to the social gospel heresy. This is a pure adulteration of what the Gospel is. Paul clearly states that if anyone, be it an angel from Heaven or any man on Earth, preaches another gospel, they are accursed.

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