We will be airing today with our host “Brother James Foxx” on his show “The Defender”. This week, Brother James interviews Pastor Rene Llanos talking about Setting The Captives Free.

Pastor Rene Llanos and his wife Acenet has been in ministry since 1991. They are church planters currently serving as presidents of House of Restoration Ministry with churches in Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Florida. They have served as missionaries to the Dominican Republic where they built an orphanage that provides assistance to 160 children. Pastor Llanos serves in several non-profit agencies and is a board member in Montgomery County as the Minority Representative. Pastor Rene and his wife Acenet are active members of The Tabernacle under the leadership of Pastor Anthony & Julia Daley. They have been happily married 31 years and are the proud parents of three children and two grandchildren.

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