We will be on the air live today on "The Biblical Editorial Review ". The topic will be "The Expository Truth, Part 4: Final Exits for the Rewarding Future.

This series will have 4 parts that will bring light to the truth of why the Church needs to not side with lies from those of darkness.

This broadcast to over 3 major radio networks that we run: The Resilient Christian Radio Network - over 80 major cities and 515 affiliates worldwide, My Genre Radio Network - over 65 major cities and 235 affiliates plugging into the network, and God Is Powerful Radio Network - over 15 stations that will increase to the major cities in America and aboard. These networks will be hosting this event tonight and next week as we set up the plans that God want us to do with the Black Youth that is BLEXIT the Demon-rats for good.

Please join us this Thursday for The The Expository Truth Series, Part 3: The Master's Plan @ 9:30 PM CST, 10:30 PM EST, and 7:30 PM PST.