We will be airing today with our host “Brother James Foxx” on his show “The Defender”. The topic for this week will be “Not In My Family”.

For most of us, the place where we first met the Christian faith was at home. Maybe it was Dad telling Bible stories, or Mom getting dressed for church, or maybe Grandma telling about how it was when she was younger, in a day when faith was a bigger part of life even for those who didn't have any faith. Maybe it was prayers at mealtime, or before going to bed. Or a cousin's wedding, an aunt's funeral, or a baby brother's baptism. As life itself does for little children, faith-stuff revolved around the family and family members. The sad thing is, this is getting less and less true, and not because some cynical atheists declared a subtle war on Christian values (though that is out there in today's social ether). It is less true because we all have much less of a family nowadays, often without one of the parents, and with the children, all split off doing their own thing. And it is less true because the believing Christian parents have forgotten how to pass the Christian faith on to their children. We have less of a family spirituality today because we have less of a family. It takes teaching. It takes talking about why you are Christian, and what that means in any given situation. But most of all, it takes actually going about being Christians every day. You have to model it yourselves. Children need to see you when you struggle with the faith. They need to see you live according to the faith, they need to see you fail and try again, they need to see you hurt and celebrate and doubt and shrink and grow and be hypocrites (as we all sometimes are) and still turn to Jesus and live in God's grace.

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