We will be on the air today with our host Minister Lorrie Timbs from "Empowered Radio". The topic will be “Prescription for Addiction | My Personal Testimony"

When addiction takes control, Satan has a wide-open gate to enter and set up residence in your brain. He is the great justifier of all actions. He will provide you with excuses for the actions above to make you deny your addiction. The thoughts that you used to control now have a new pilot behind the wheel. And a sneaky one at that. If you do consider getting help, he will get inside your head and tell you all kinds of horrible things. Thinks like…

  • No one will understand. 
  • Everyone will think you’re weak. 
  • Friends will ever trust you again. 
  • Your husband will want a divorce. 
  • Your kids will be ashamed of you. 

And the worst one of all…

  • If God truly loves you, he wouldn’t have let you get into this mess in the first place. 

Think about who you were before you fell into the trap of addiction. It’s hard to remember, I know. The altered brain you now live with can’t remember how you ever felt happy, energetic, or just plain normal without opiates in your life.
God remembers. He made you in his image and created you for a purpose.

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