We will be on the air today with host Brother DJ Enough-Said from "Real is Rare with Brother DJ Enough-Said ". The topic will be “I Am The Christ: Learning How to operate The Anointing"

The question, "What is His name?" presupposed that the name expressed the nature and operations of God and that God would manifest in deeds the nature expressed in His name. God, therefore, told him His name, or, to speak more correctly, He explained the name ... by which He had made Himself known to Abraham at the making of the covenant (Gen 15:7), in this way ... "I am that I am," and designated Himself by this name as the absolute God of the fathers, acting with unfettered liberty and self-dependence. This name precluded any comparison between the God of the Israelites and the deities of the Egyptians and other nations and furnished Moses and his people with strong consolation in their affliction, and a powerful support to their confidence in the realization of His purposes of salvation as made known to the fathers. To establish them in this confidence, God added still further: "This is My name forever, and My memorial unto all generations;" that is to say, God would even manifest Himself in the nature expressed by the name Jehovah, and by this, He would have all generations both know and revere Him. The name expresses the objective manifestation of the divine nature

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