August 21, 2018

Annie Talks with Joan Dizon

We will be on the air today with our host Annie Rivera from "Annie Talks". The topic will be Annie Talks with Joan Dizon | Living the Daydream

Annie's guest on this episode is Joan Dizon -- a wife, mom, traveler, & entrepreneur. She is the CEO of 'Living The Daydream.'

As we continue with the ENTREPRENEUR series, Annie wanted to highlight a dynamic woman business-owner. This person is someone whose promo appeared on Annie's Facebook newsfeed. Annie was drawn to her almost instantaneously due largely in part by her photos from the beach, from exotic-looking places, and secondly by her story. And you know how much Annie love a good story!

Please join us every Tuesday for Annie Talks @ 9 PM CST, 10 PM EST, and 7 PM PST.

*For more about Annie Rivera visit her on Annie Talks site.
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