We will be on the air today with our new host Brother DJ Enough-Said from "Real is Rare with Brother DJ Enough-Said ". The topic will be “I Am...By Faith. Igniting Your Faith to do GOD's will Throughout the World!!"

If you do a Google search on “how to start a fire,” you will find that the process is actually very straightforward. First, you need an ignition source to create the fire and some tinder to ignite. Tinder catches fire easily but it also goes out quickly, so you will soon need some kindling to keep the flame alive. To sustain a fire for a long period, you will need a steady supply of fuel and a fire pit that is dry and protected from elements that could extinguish it.
In some ways, our relationship with God is like a fire. It is something to enjoy for sure, but more critically, it is also necessary for life. Thankfully, it is also not complicated to start a spiritual fire and keep it going.

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