We will be on the air today with our host Lady Ty the Great from "Pure Truth Session". The topic will be “Pure Truth on Being Free Indeed"

It is commonly taught in churches, “whom the son sets free is free indeed”. There is absolutely no question about it; God does not want us in bondage to anything, but to be free, no matter where on earth we live or what government we live under. And of course, we know there are some very oppressive governments and people out there who would rule over everyone if they had the chance. The devil would like nothing better than to rule the whole world, oppressing and afflicting mankind until he destroys them and everything else on earth, because he is a thief, murderer, and destroyer, all rolled up in one. He is actually the driving force behind every manner of oppression, whether it be political, economic, or social or physical. Let’s make sure we understand this: God is not in the oppression business, He is in the “freedom” business. Some would have us believe that we can confess our sins to God, and go our merry ways with no further action on our part, and be granted a “Get out of hell free” card, no matter what we do for the rest of our lives, but is that the whole story?

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