We will be on the air today with our host Lady Ty the Great from "Pure Truth Session". The topic will be “Pure Truth on Obedience"

In Romans 6:17, Paul gives thanks to God for believers, who used to be “slaves to sin”, but have been set free because they “wholeheartedly obeyed the form of teaching to which they were entrusted”. Paul had taught them the truth, and their obedience to that truth set them free from sin (verse 18). In this verse, Paul gives us a key biblical principle, which we will examine in this post. The believers in Rome were set free not simply by hearing and understanding the truth, but by obeying it. Knowing truth is not enough, we must order our lives by it in order to be made free. The principle which we find here can be stated as follows: knowledge without obedience is just information, the truth does us no good if we do not put it into practice by living in accordance with it. Having the truth in our heads is not enough, we must also have the truth in our hearts, we must not only “know” it, we must also “live” it.

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