We will be on the air today with Brother Tim Aaron. His topic for the show is "Sabbath: Past, Present & Future.".

Don’t we find ourselves wanting to fast forward through the difficult, the painful, the annoying, the patience-testing, and all the other things of life? Not only this, but we often come to the place where we get caught up only with what will take place in the future, but we miss the present and we disregard the past. We find ourselves feeling anxious, stressed, doubtful, or fearful when we miss the present and live in either the past or the future. But, we are not left alone. God gives us the beautiful gift of resting with Him through Sabbath.

The purpose of Sabbath is to hold the past, present, and future in the Lord’s limitless and abundant love. It is to come to the Father with all things from our past, all things of our present, and all things of our future, handing our lives to His grace and trusting that all things are held together in Him and for Him. When we Sabbath, we come back to a position before the Lord where we are not trying to fast forward, but are reminded that hope gives us the ability to stay present and look forward to what is promised.

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*For more from Bro. Tim be sure to visit him at Thief In The Night Ministries.