This is The Resilient Christian Week @ RCR Network. We are celebrating our first year anniversary of when this radio network began. RCR brings you the unadulterated Word of God so you can hear the absolute truth about God. The Resilient Christians that make this network possible are our hosts and guests. All week long we will be playing some of our most top-listened to shows from each host on RCR Network. We will also announce some upcoming shows on the RCR Network.

The Top-listened to shows we will be airing are:
Monday - “Husband, How to Deal with Her Sin, Graciously” from the Exemplary Concept
Tuesday- “Overcoming the Storms of Stress” from God’s Inputs for You (airs afternoon)
              - “The Way to Be” from Get Your House In Order (airs in the evening)
Wed.      - “The Promise of Hope” from The Defender
Thurs     - “The Progressive Matrix” with Andrea Hawes from the Biblical Editorial Review
Friday    - “True Christian Media” from The Family Unit Radio
Sat.        - We will have a special line-up with Bro. Tim Aaron, Cleveland Rhodes, as well as other hosts and past guests of RCR Network. Please join us as we give glory and thanks to God for all we have accomplished over this past year. We want to honor and glorify Him in the years to come.