We want to announce a new outreach ministry that focus is to bring the Body of Christ together for edification and encouraging in countries that persecute them on a daily basis. Christians in America and the free countries around the world coming together as a mandate to bring Father God the glory that belongs to Him.

Each week, we will highlight what God has done in the lives of His children. Christian are the only ones in the world to represent Father God, Lord Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit by fulfilling the calling of giving testimonies for those that needs to hear from God in a dark place. There are several references that the Word of God says about Testimonies.

To leave your testimony for us to broadcast, call (641) 715-3900, ext. 747405#. Once we have your testimony, we will have it live on a 24/7/365 platform for everyone to hear of Jesus Christ. We are starting this outreach radio ministry on June 26, 2017, on live radio. You can call anytime before, during and after June 26, 2017.

Let us bring the Body of Christ back where it is attended to be:  The Gospel and Living Testimonies!