On yesterday evening @ 8:45 PM, one of our servers in Dallas, TX was under attack from Satan. The broadcast from the Defender that supposed to air was interrupted. We are scheduling maintenance on Saturday, May 20 @ 1:30 AM CST (2:30 AM EST and 11:30 PM PST). The radio station will be down for 45 minutes to an hour to completely fix the problems and quickly bring the station back online.
God's Word will not be hindered due to Satan hatred toward Father God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit; and we as His people need to be praying for this network, come together as one in the Body and asking God for protection as we are embarking toward new territory to reach our children and the youth.

We need to give God the glory and honor for a radio network that is geared to glorify Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. We hit so many milestones with God over the past few months, that in June, we will give all the details of what the Lord have done and continued doing for His radio network.

Pray for this network and God Bless you!!!!!

Cleveland Rhodes
Overseer/Station Manager
(800) 745-9058 and press 2 to contact tech support.