We will be on air tonight with our host “Brother James” on his show called “The Defender”. The topic of the hour will be “Saturated in the Spirit”.

Have you ever seen a potted plant that is drying out and seemingly crying out for water? Its leaves are withered, and its stems are bending. If you don't catch it in time, the plant will die. It needs water, and lots of it. If you keep it fully watered, it will not only revive and survive, but it will thrive, and even produce it's fruit or flowers. It's the same with our spirits: we need to take in an abundance of "water" -- i.e. The Holy Spirit -- or we can easily shrivel up and be ineffective, "dry" vessels for God. Sometimes, when I've been away from one-on-one prayer in the Spirit, and am not getting regularly "hydrated" in the Word, my spirit shrivels and I feel very, very weak in the Lord. I am easily assaulted by the enemy ... I cower under his threats ... I back off from confronting him ... I hide like Adam and Eve did after eating the forbidden fruit. The remedy is to immerse in prayer and study. And not just a "surface watering" which quickly dries out does not get down to the roots, but a full immersion watering, that saturates and penetrates my spirit and fully flows through my entire being. Depending upon the severity of the drought, it may take a full immersion over many days to restore me and bring me back to "life in the Spirit". And from then on, it is important to "stay watered" constantly in the Word and in prayer.

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