Here at the Resilient Christian Radio Network wants to thank you all for the love and support for our first Thanksgiving Special. First of all, we want to give Father God the honor and thanksgiving for this event to happen and praise His Holy Name. 
Secondly, thanks to my family (my wife and son) for the hard work and overtime to make this possible. Thirdly, the hosts of this network for the wonderful thoughts and love toward your guests and audiences that want to listen to our radio network. Lastly, the Body of Christ for having the time to listen and those who got save through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; from each of our shows.

The numbers are in for the 2016 Thanksgiving Special that ran from 11/23 through 11/30 (a few extra days did help a whole bunch): 127,318 listeners and counting! Praise God!!! We have started this radio station in August and the growth is from God, Himself, not us.

If you are a ministry, minister, pastor, believer that want to spread the message of God to the lost world; and want to have that voice carry to every country that can download our apps and listen online 24/7, contact us.

Once again, thank you and God Bless you!!!